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How do I apply?

Each city and town can nominate one student for the scholarship. The scholarship recruitment and selection process is done by your city. Nominations are sent from the city to the Center for Quality Communities by March 10, 2017.


Students interested in competing for the Center for Quality Communities scholarship fund must be:

  • Involved (or have been involved) with a city government, community and/or school leadership activity;
  • Eligible to graduate from high school, completed home school or received a GED in spring/summer 2017;
  • A Washington state resident; and
  • Plan to continue education in the 2017-2018 academic year at an accredited college or trade school on a half-time or more basis.

Interested in applying?

  • Contact your city to see how they are recruiting (is it open to the community, limited to students who volunteer with the city, or offered through a partnership with your school). Information may be posted on the city’s website or you can call your mayor’s office for more details.
  • Complete the Center for Quality Communities scholarship application. It must be returned to your city by the deadline they select.
  • You’ll also need to include a reference letter and a personal essay.
  • The city will review all the applications and select a nominee.